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Hometown Banking® (At Its Finest)

The TNBANK story is one of true Hometown Banking®. The bank was conceived by local business owners who saw and experienced the diminishment of local decision making. They felt the market needed a bank having local Directors and management. Lastly, to ensure a long-term focus on community needs, the ownership of the bank was widely dispersed. No individual or small group controls the organization’s destiny. The result is true Hometown Banking®. TNBANK is a commercial bank focused on the unique needs and opportunities of the community.

The bank has grown to include five locations in three counties. Locations and services have grown and expanded past our founders’ vision, but their initial goal has remained constant. We are local bankers doing business with our neighbors. This is so ingrained in our culture that, since November 19, 2002, Hometown Banking® has been a registered trademark of TNBANK.

Thank you for your interest in our bank — and welcome to the Hometown Banking® experience!

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